2013 Flood Rescue And Recovery

2013 Flood Rescue And Recovery

The 2013 flood devastated Cal-Wood and our surrounding community. 

Check out our 2013 flood recovery video.


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Flood Rescue:

Fireside Elementary Airlift At the time of the Jamestown flood we were hosting a group of 100 students, teachers and parents from Fireside Elementary.  Although the power, phones, and Internet went out, they were safe and sound at Cal-Wood.  We were prepared with a generator, a well-stocked pantry, water and heat. The students carried on with their outdoor education program as planned.  With the roads out and no way to transport the students home they had to stay an extra night.  At 11 am the next morning the National Guard arrived with helicopters to airlift them back to their families.  All students, teachers, parents and Cal-Wood staff were safe, sound and in great spirits. When the students, teachers and parents arrived at the airport they celebrated and smiled.  They shared their amazing experiences as something they would never forget.  We hope that all students who come to Cal-Wood Education Center view it as an experience they will never forget.  Certainly, those who were here during the flood and left Cal-Wood by helicopter instead of school bus, have a story for the ages.

Here is some of the coverage from that event:

  • Fireside students, parents, and teachers come back to volunteer at Cal-Wood. Nice story from 9news!
  • The official rainfall total at Cal-Wood was 14.25 inches
  • We have secured the use of Camp Tahosa near Ward for programming while we wait for road access to Cal-Wood to be repaired.
  • A letter from our Executive Director – Rafael Salgado
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  • Special Thanks to Spectra Logic for providing temporary office space for Cal-Wood staff!