Cal-Wood Programs

Outdoor Education

The Science-Based Environmental Education Program for Schools  

Our school program is a three-day, two-night outdoor immersion program for elementary and middle school students.  With each class group Cal-Wood education staff partner with visiting teachers to tailor a specific set of learning objectives that are relevant to the needs of the students, and support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) objectives.

Our BRIDGE Scholarship Fund makes it possible for low-income schools to attend the Environmental Education program at Cal-Wood. BRIDGE stands for “Building Relationships between Inner-City and Diverse Groups and the Environment.” Without BRIDGE funds that we provide, these schools would not be able to bring students to Cal-Wood.

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Summer Camps

Our camps can be very formative experiences for young people. Cal-Wood camps bring together children from all over the front range and beyond.   Camps are designed to offer a mix of fun outdoor activities, environmental education, confidence building, outdoor recreation, team building, and to give participants the opportunity to connect with our amazing 1,200-acre wilderness.

Cal-Wood has established relationships with complementary nonprofit organizations that serve similar target populations to offer camping partnerships.  The primary focus of the summer camps is to provide a hands-on opportunity to understand the unique ecology and biology of our mountains.  Camper students are given information about future study and environmental vocational opportunities.

Watch our Cal-Wood Summer Camps video

Latino Family Camp

The ever-increasing numbers of low-income Latino families in Colorado have very few resources by which to learn about, explore, and enjoy the Colorado natural resources. While the Rocky Mountains are visible from along the Front Range, they remain largely unexplored by families with limited resources. Through our Latino Family Camp program, families spend a weekend camping in our beautiful 1,200-acre classroom.

Families learn to set up a tent, how to hike and fish, and experience a wide range of other outdoor learning opportunities such as archery, survival skills, astronomy, and more. Team building games and campfire songs are also a big part of the weekend. School age children learn about different STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) careers they could choose to pursue in the future.

Watch our Latino Family Camp video

Teen Adventure Program

Our Teen Adventure Program is a full day activity based program offered to youth on Saturdays, teacher conference days, holidays, school breaks, and summer camps. This program is provided free of charge, and is targeted to low-income and diverse students. The Teen Adventure Club connects kids to the environment, their communities, and their inner strength through year-round recreation, environmental education, and community service projects.