Cal-Wood is governed by a Board of Directors which makes policy level decisions that guide operations to ensure the fulfillment of Cal-Wood’s mission. Cal-Wood’s programs are managed and implemented by an experienced staff of nonprofit professionals and environmental educators. 

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Current staff members, access forms and documents in your Staff Portal.


Call the Cal-Wood Staff (extensions below): (303) 449-0603

Executive, Administrative, and Development Staff
Rafael Salgado, Executive Director,  ext. 3 – Meet Rafael!
Nancy Farmer, Administrative Assistant, ext. 2 – Meet Nancy!
Kara Eden, Retreats Coordinator, ext 5 – Meet Kara!
Aaryn Kay, Development & Communications Specialist, 303.241.2726 

School Program Staff
Jamie Preira, Program Director, ext. 1 – Meet Jamie!
Rachel Brooks, Curriculum Coordinator, ext. 1 – Meet Rachel!
Erik Jaanimagi, Senior Field Instructor, ext. 6 – Meet Erik!
Leah Weisman, Field Instructor, ext. 6 – Meet Leah!
Claire Woodward, Field Instructor, ext. 6 – Meet Claire!
Aidan Goldie, Field Instructor, ext. 6 –Meet Aidan!
Megan Reynoso, Field Instructor, ext. 6 – Meet Megan!
Thomas Eyler, Field Instructor, ext. 6 – Meet Thomas!
Morgan Frederick, Field Instructor, ext. 6 – Meet Morgan!
Jackie Jeambey, Field Instructor, ext. 6 – Meet Jackie!

Summer Camp Staff
Joel Van Egbert, Summer Camp Director, 970.389.5611 – Meet Joel!

Land, Facilities, and Kitchen Staff
Angie Busby, Natural Resource Manager & Medical Assistant, ext. 4 –Meet Angie!
John Bleil, Kitchen Manager, ext. 8
Alberto Ortega, Maintenance Manager, ext. 201 (voicemail only)
Pat Kutscher, Cleaning, ext. 7
Stephanie Carlson, Kitchen, ext. 8