Cal-Wood Celebrates 30 years serving the Front Range

Posted by on Feb 19, 2013 in Blog, News and Events

Cal-Wood Celebrates 30 years serving the Front Range

On November 17, almost 100 people gathered at Cal-Wood to celebrate our 30th anniversary serving the Front Range. We welcomed donors, teachers, families, past employees and a wide variety of friends who helped to build Cal-Wood in the 1970’s and 80’s. They contributed to our buildings, trails, programs and memories. Without these people and many more, Cal-Wood’s journey would have been difficult if not impossible.

Executive Director, Rafael Salgado presented a retrospective of Cal-Wood, and dreams for our future- including an expansion! We tried our best to share some of Cal-Wood’s magic, including an opportunity to experience Cal-Wood first-hand with some of our field instructors. Some visited Longview, with its tremendous view of the continental divide, by way of the Orienteering Course; others learned about pioneer life at the Cruthers’ Homestead; and some intrepid hikers summited 8125- Cal-Wood’s highest peak!

We are proud to celebrate our accomplishments as a vital community resource for connecting children to the Colorado Mountains. Over the next 30 years, we wish to strengthen our legacy, invest in our programs and facilities, welcome more under-resourced children and serve a broader community. There are so many people in Colorado that have helped to write Cal-Wood’s success story. Whether one has visited as a student, intern, volunteer, donor, teacher, parent of a student, employee or retreat attendee, many memorieshave been made at Cal-Wood. We have found that it is our relationships with people like you that have helped us to build success over the years. Thank you!

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