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Advanced WildLand Skills Camp

Advanced WildLand Skills Camp

(12-15 years old)AWLS Tomahawk Skills

What’s Camp All About?

This is our longer more intensive version of Wildland Skills. A longer session provides extended real life survival situations to apply your skills and problem solving. Return to your Caveman roots with confidence, this is the actual application of primitive tools and techniques to increase your ability to thrive in challenging outdoor situations. Build your Stone Age tool set; carve your own bow, sculpt your own spear, or knap your own knife. Most importantly, you’re not alone; you’ll be able (re)connect with other outdoor fanatics to take this opportunity for added “dirt time” to apply and refine advanced primitive and outdoor skills. Learn more complex techniques, while improving your fundamentals. Skills covered during this session vary depending on the interest of the students but may include: additional friction fire methods, primitive hunting and trapping tools, primitive textiles, basketry, and food preparation techniques. Campers are required to have basic outdoor skills.

What Do We Do At Camp?

Shelter building, knife skills, tracking, fire making , make your own bow drill, sculpt your own fishing spear, create your own bow and arrows, archery, water purification and collection, navigation, tool making camouflage, stalking, flint knapping, hazardous plant and animal identification, safe travel in the backcountry

Camp Life:

We strongly believe in learning by doing. Campers will have the choice to sleep in a tent provided or in their own hand-crafted shelters. If campers have a tent, feel free to bring that as well. The Outpost campsite is perched on a beautiful overlook of the St. Vrain River drainage with a backdrop of the Longs Peak and Rocky Mountain National Park. The Outpost is equipped with a lightning grounded, enclosed structure for storage and shelter in case of inclement weather, a fire pit and a latrine. Daily food and water drops will be made by support staff; campers will also have an opportunity to take a shower during the course of camp. There is no electricity or running water at the Outpost.

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