Forge into the backcountry with the peace of mind that everything you need is on your back. Campers will embark on multi-day trips in a local wilderness area with our experienced trip leaders.

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*early bird prices listed are available through January 30, 2017


Grades 4-6

June 25–June 28

Price: $450

Spread your wings and dive into a lifetime of exploration with a beginning backpacking expedition throughout Cal-Wood’s land!

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Grades 7-9

July 2-7, July 17-22

Price: $675

Traveling on foot is the best way to see Colorado’s wonders; alpine lakes, lush meadows, summer snowfields, and rocky scrambles!

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Grades 10-12

July 23-29

Price: $800

Big effort has big rewards; you’ll summit peaks, navigate off-trail, slide down glaciers, explore breath-taking vistas, and more!

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