Financial Aid

Wish you could give your child the gift of camp but don’t have room in your budget?

We have funding available for low-income families. Cal-Wood believes that every child deserves the opportunity to attend a summer camp and money should NOT be a limiting factor! We award financial aid to families all over the front range, and you could be one of those families!

 2018 Details

Deadline is April 13, 2018!

1.The first step in registering for financial aid is registering your camper for the camp they are most interested in! During the application process, you will check the box that asks if you need financial assistance. When you finish the application you will be asked to pay the deposit for the camp(s) (which is 15% of the camp). Everyone is required to pay this deposit, however, if this is not possible for your family, please contact us personally at:

2. On the Friday after you apply, you will get an email with a financial aid google form. Please fill this out. Questions will include family income and qualification for government services. 

3. We will contact you with notification of your financial aid package at the end of April.  Financial aid packages typically range from 25% to 75%, and are distributed based on financial need. We are committed to working with each family to make it work for your child!