Tent Camps

Away from the solid walls of our cabins, campers will establish their domain at a remote camp-site at Cal-Wood. They will embrace the mountains by sleeping in tents and preparing food outside.

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*early bird prices listed are available through January 30, 2017


Grades 6-8

June 11-17, June 25–July 1, July 9-15

Price: $750

Fun in the mountains in a variety of ways; mountain biking, jumping into alpine lakes, kayaking, and even giving back to the land!

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Grades 6-8

June 18-23, July 17-22

Price: $625

The basics; food, water, and shelter. Secure these using fire, knives, and natural materials to build tools, shelters, and more!

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Grades 9-11

June 25–July 1

Price: $750

Take your basic skills to the next level! Thrive in our Cal-Wood wilderness using your in-depth understanding of bushcraft!

*note: “advanced” refers to their age, not their previous experience 

Packing List

Video coming Summer 2017!