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Wildland Skills Camp

Wildland Skills Camp

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6th-8th Grade (9th-11th for Advanced)wildlandskills 2

*Grade is defined as the grade the student will be entering in the fall of 2016.

*PLEASE NOTE: All camps are co-ed during the day. Camp registration is divided by male and female registrants based on our in-cabin staff ratios. Cabins are separated by gender. 

2016 Camp Dates: 

June 12th – 17th
July 10th – 15th

Wildland Skills Advanced:
July 10th – 15th

What’s Camp All About?

Wildland Skills: Experience the natural world like never before. See more, do more, and understand more with the confidence and skills you’ll learn and practice at camp. Throughout the camp session, you will have hands-on opportunities to construct, locate, use, and identify both the 7+1 survival priorities as well as the 10 essentials. You’ll practice constructing a shelter, collecting and purifying water, building a fire, handling a knife safely, and making your own tools. Learn to track animals, recognize important plants, and many other awareness skills. Develop a sense of confidence in nature and in life that you’ll never lose.

Advanced Wildland Skills: Over the years you’ve become proficient at bushcraft, you’re a seasoned backcountry traveler, and you’ve mastered primitive living; fires, shelters, foraging and navigation. Your mindset will shift from just practice to reliance, shelters; weatherproof as monsoon season will be upon us, your knots; perfect while supporting you down 20 ft rappels, firemaking; resourceful, because your matches are soaked from scaling the waterfall. Mental and physical limits are meant to be pushed, campers will accomplish this within the context of a safe yet rigorous camp. You’ll get a comprehsenive viewpoint of survival, from the perspective of the survivor to a complete Search and Rescue operation supported by the local fire department. By the time you make it out of the woods you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to thrive in the wild.

wildlandskills 3
What Do We Do At Camp?

shelter building, knife skills, tracking, fire making (bow drill, hand-drill, fire plow, and many more modern and primitive), primitive weaponry/hunting (throwing stick, atlatl, axe making, and more), archery, water purification and collection, tool making (rope, baskets, tongs, spoons, bowls, and more), camouflage (become invisible)

This Camp is For:

perpetually dirty campers, backyard fort builders, serious survivalists, primitive skills gurus, low-tech thrivalists, motivated, and outdoor lovers.

Camp Life:

We strongly believe in learning by doing. Campers will have the choice to sleep in a provided tent or in their own hand-crafted shelters. If campers have a tent, feel free to bring that as well. Wildland Skills camp is based at our Columbine campsite tucked away in a beautiful forest with the smell of vanilla from the ponderosa pine trees. The Advanced Wildland Skills camp is based at our historic Mica Mine Camp, a scenic 2.5 mile hike from the parking lot to a once operational mica mine. Both sites are equipped with a fire pit, picnic tables, and latrines. Food and water drops will be made by support staff. Campers will also have an opportunity to take a shower during the course of camp. Camp has radio contact with the main lodge; however, there is no electricity or running water at either camp site.

What should I pack?

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Click here to view frequently asked questions: FAQ – Summer Camp Edition

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