Scientist at Large Camp

Scientist at Large Camp

(11-14 years old)Scince Camp Stream Exploration-2

What Do We Do At Camp?

Simple machines, tracking and telemetry with a wildlife biologist, catapults and trebuchets, egg drop competition, pneumatic projectiles, cooking as a chemistry experiment, design your own research project, tubing expedition, astronomic exploration of the night sky, fun and smoke signals around the campfire

What’s Camp All About?

We are mad scientists in the making here at Cal-Wood, during 5 days of science fury. Figure out where the Rocky Mountains came from. Determine how many times per day a deer will scat. See what happens when you drop an egg from 20 feet. Test how far you can launch a potato using assorted projectiles. Spend a day in the life of a wildlife biologist. The scientific method will lead us into the fields of physics, geology, biology, earth science and chemistry. We’ll tackle experiments and research as well as data and conclusions. Create, construct, test, destroy, clean-up, then do it again. Analyze local geology, climate and weather patterns in relation to the Flood of 2013. Examine your theories of acceleration, fluid dynamics, and hydrology with a tubing expedition down one of the Front Range’s many waterways.

Camp Life:

This camp is based at Cal-Wood’s headquarters. Campers will sleep in our quaint cabins, just a hop, skip and a jump from the Main Lodge. Each cabin has 5 bunk beds, a propane heater and a dresser for each camper. The Lodge houses our bathrooms, dining hall, Wildlife Room, and administrative offices. Campers will have the opportunity to take a shower during the camp session. Each cabin is under the supervision of a Cal-Wood staff member and Counselor-in-training (CIT). Homemade, nutritious meals are served in our dining hall while our Bear Room provides an indoor space for the whole camp in case of inclement weather.

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