Physical Address:

2282 County Road 87
Jamestown, CO 80455

Directions to Cal-Wood

Local Phone:  (303) 449-0603
Toll-free:  1-888-245-1086
Fax: (303) 449-0576

Mailing Address:

PO Box 347
Jamestown, CO 80455

Main Phone Number:

Dial (303) 449-0603 – Then use extension below:

Nancy FarmerAdministrative Assistant2
Jamie PreiraProgram Manager1
Rafael SalgadoExecutive Director3
Angie BusbyNatural Resources Manager4
Danielle AttonDevelopment Coordinator5
Field InstructorsField Instructors6
Rachel BrooksCurriculum Manager7
Marni BrownSummer Camp Coordinator7
John BleilKitchen8
Voicemail for Schools and Groups while they are at Cal-Wood9

7 + 7 =