All Students, Teachers and Cal-Wood Staff are Safe, Sound, and Dry.

Posted on Sep 12, 2013

All Students, Teachers and Cal-Wood Staff are Safe, Sound, and Dry.

All Students, Teachers and Cal-Wood Staff are Safe, Sound, and Dry.

We have started a new page to share more studies about what happened during the floods as well as updates on recovery efforts at Cal-Wood.

11:30 a.m. Saturday 9/14/13

Helicopters are landing and busses are headed to Fireside… The students, parents and teachers are all smiles!!!

9:15 a.m. Saturday, 9/14/13 Information from BVSD 

Dear families,
Planning led by Max Twombly of Emergency Service Operations working with Bruce Messinger, BVSD security officials and Cal-Wood Director Ethan Chutkow is moving forward. There are still people who need to be evacuated from Jamestown. Evacuation of students and adults at Cal-Wood and Balarat Outdoor Education Camps will follow Jamestown. This is expected to happen beginning about midday today (Saturday, 9/14).

The National Guard helicopters hold 20 people and should take about 20 minutes to travel from CalWood and Balarat to a central drop off area. Students and staff will then board school buses and travel to Fireside.

We will give you an update as soon as there is a firm timeline. We will send you regular email updates so that you can be at Fireside to greet your child. We will also have automated phone calls that come to you when we have a firm timeline.

Thanks for all of your patience and your support for the children and staff.

Pat Heinz-Pribyl, Principal
Bruce Messinger, Superintendent

Queridas familias,
Planificación dirigido por Max Twombly de operaciones de servicios de emergencia que trabajan con Bruce Messinger, funcionarios de seguridad de BVSD y director de Cal-Wood Ethan Chutkow está avanzando. Todavía hay personas que necesitan ser evacuadas de Jamestown. La evacuación de los estudiantes y adultos en Cal-Wood y Balarat campamentos Educación exterior seguirá Jamestown. Se espera que esto suceda comienzo a mediodía de hoy (jueves, 9/14).

Los helicópteros de la Guardia Nacional tienen 20 personas y debe tomar unos 20 minutos para viajar de Calwood y Balarat a una caída de centro de área. Los estudiantes y el personal luego abordar los autobuses escolares y viajar a Fireside.

Le daremos una actualización tan pronto como haya un cronograma firme. Te enviaremos actualizaciones regulares de modo que usted puede estar en Fireside para saludar a su hijo. También contaremos con llamadas telefónicas automáticas que vienen a usted cuando tenemos un cronograma firme.

Gracias a todos por su paciencia y su ayuda para los niños y el personal.

Pat Heinz-Pribyl, Principal
Bruce Messinger, Superintendente

5:15 p.m. 9/13/13

Plans for Fireside Students Tonight:
They are having hard tacos with all of the fixings for dinner. Then for the evening program they are having a dance party. We have had contact with our Executive Director who shared that the students, teachers, and parents are doing very well.
Fireside teacher Mary K. says “they are having an absolutely great time” She also reported that the girls in her cabin have really bonded and gotten to know each other in a very special way. This is an experience they will remember for a very long time.
We will continue to share information as it is available. We will post one more time at around 9 pm whether there is additional information or not.
Thank you for your continued patience!

4:20 p.m. 9/13/13

From the Fireside Elementary Website:

Dear fifth-grade families,
Bruce and other BVSD officials continue to work with Max Twombly, the official with the flood command office who is assigned to Jamestown and Cal-Wood. Max let them know that the Cal-Wood evacuation will not take place today. Max will keep us informed as to the time for the evacuation and we will get that information to you immediately.

Pat just spoke with Shannon Burgert, Dean Stankovic and Stacy Winsberg again and they said the kids are still doing fine. They were again doing outdoor and indoor activities and planning for a special activity tonight.

We will do one more update today at about 7 p.m. to let you know anything we are hearing.

Thank you

Pat Heinz-Pribyl, Principal, and Bruce Messinger, Superintendent

Estimadas familias de quinto grado,
Bruce y otros funcionarios BVSD continúan trabajando con Max Twombly, el funcionario de la oficina de comandos de inundación que está asignado a Jamestown y Cal-Wood. Max hacerles saber que la evacuación Cal-Wood no se llevará a cabo en la actualidad. Max nos mantendrá informados en cuanto al tiempo para la evacuación y vamos a conseguir esa información de inmediato.

Pat acaba de hablar con Shannon Burgert, Dean Stankovic y Stacy Winsberg otra vez y dijo que los niños todavía están haciendo bien. Fueron nuevamente haciendo actividades al aire libre y de interior y la planificación de una actividad especial esta noche.

Haremos una actualización más hoy a las 7 pm a saber nada de lo que estamos escuchando.


Pat Heinz-Pribyl, Principal, and Bruce Messinger, Superintendente

1 p.m. 9/13/13

We have an update: We have been standing by all day waiting to hear something to pass along and we appreciate your patience.
At this point we have not been given any specific information about how or when students will coming down from Cal-Wood, but BVSD officials are working diligently on options to bring the students down as soon as it is safe.
Since BVSD is responsible for transportation BVSD will contact parents and post on the school website when a final plan is determined. As soon as that info is shared we will repost here. The safety of the students is a prime concern for everyone, and for the time being they are in safe place with all of the resources they need.
We have recently had brief radio contact with our Executive Director, who wanted us to share that the students are doing well, they have completed their academic work and since weather situation has improved the students have been playing outside this afternoon. Cal-Wood staff and Fireside students, staff and parents are on standby waiting to hear a transportation plan from BVSD. They still have plenty of supplies including food, power, and water.

Update from BVSD

6 p.m

We were able to get an update from our Executive Director via radio just a few minutes ago: Today students were able to go outside and do academic work between the rain, worked inside when it did rain, they had a big dinner, and later they will have their evening program in front of the fireplace in the lodge, afterwards they will go to bed. They have power, heat and running water. Students, parents and teachers are in good spirits. This will be our last update for the evening.

11:55 a.m.

We have been in touch with BVSD and they have been communicating with the Boulder County Sheriff’s department.  The Sheriffs Department is aware of the students who are up at Cal-Wood and that their safety is a clear priority.  We do not have any clear and comprehensive information regarding the condition of roads in the area at this time.  As soon as information is available we will post it here and on our Facebook page.  Like the Cal-Wood Facebook page to get notifications.

8:50 a.m.

We do have very limited communications with Cal-Wood Staff. Everyone onsite is safe and sound.  We are gathering information about roads and communications.  We will post updates and information on the Cal-Wood Website and Facebook as it becomes available.

From the Fireside Elementary Website:
7 a.m.

All of the children and adults at CalWood are fine. We heard from the director at Balarat (which is located in the same area as CalWood) that all of the adults and kids up there are fine. There is currently no internet or phone service at CalWood. The Balarat director spoke with the CalWood contact on a two-way radio. They have plenty of food, water and other supplies. We do not yet know how soon they will be able to move because there is a culvert out at the bottom of the access road to CalWood. Updates will be emailed to fifth-grade parents and posted here on the Fireside school website.

Todos los niños y adultos en Calwood están bien. Escuchamos a la directora de Balarat (que se encuentra en la misma zona que Calwood) que todos los adultos y niños de allá arriba están bien. Actualmente no existe en Internet o servicio telefónico en Calwood. El director Balarat habló con el contacto Calwood en un radio de dos vías. Tienen un montón de comida, agua y otros suministros. Todavía no sabemos qué tan pronto será capaz de moverse porque hay una alcantarilla en la parte inferior de la carretera de acceso a Calwood. Como puedo obtener nueva información, le enviaremos por correo electrónico y publicar en el sitio web Fireside.