Cal-Wood builds capacity with the Meckley Center

Posted on Nov 21, 2017

Cal-Wood builds capacity with the Meckley Center

The Meckley Center – Cal-Wood’s new bunkhouse and classroom named in memory of Dick Meckley – has increased our ability to connect more kids with nature by 800 kids per year!  

Construction began November 2016, and in July 2017, we held the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Meckley Center.  

We are so grateful for the Cal-Wood community for donations of $250K towards the $600K project. Nine-two donors contributed to this project! Special thanks to the Gates Family Foundation and the Pilot Trust.

We built the new bunkhouse and classroom to meet current demand for Cal-Wood’s Science-based Environmental Education School program, and we have quickly put the center to use with fall 2017 school groups.

“It means so much to me to see your passion and dedication and the beautiful transformations and innovations going on with the new lodge plans and the new cabin and education center.”

Jenny Weich, Parent Chaperone & Cal-Wood intern 30 years ago

As we plan for 2018, the impact of our new space is even more apparent. We will serve 819 more students in 2018 than we did in 2017 (a 16% increase)!  Check out our 2018 projected impact below!

2018 School Program Goals

  • Reach 4408 students (16% increase from 2017)
  • Serve 2124 low-income students (20% increase from 2017)
  • Partner with 79 schools, including 35 low-income schools
  • Raise and distribute $103,597 through the BRIDGE Fund (22% increase from 2017)
  • Total Pledged $48,834, Balance: $54,763