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Donors Make Summer Camp Possible!

Donors Brought 104 Youth To Summer Camp:

You made this Possible:

And this:

Thanks to your generous donations you helped bring 104 young people from low-income families to Cal-Wood to attend one of our 12 summer camps!  The experience was something that they will always remember.  For most of them this was their first experience of camping in the Colorado Mountains, and hearing them talk you can really hear the impact in their voices and see the intensity in their eyes.  A camp experience like the one you have provided opens a new world of possibilities for these young people.  It is not simply a new experience, but hopefully a transformational experience that changes the way that they view the world for the rest of their lives.

They greatly appreciate your gift!

Here are some photo highlights from other camps offered over the summer.

The 104 campers that received financial support are kids from low-income families.  They were awarded scholarships from 40% to 75% of the cost of the camp.

A Big THANK YOU to 2013 Supporters!

  • Anonymous $10,000
  • Anschutz Family Foundation
  • Level 3 Communications
  • Wiener Family Futures Foundation
  • Brett Family Foundation
  • Gurney Foundation
  • Joshua Horwitz
  • Michelle Barnes
  • Roger Greene
  • Community Shares Colorado
  • Andre’ Bollaert
  • Mark Harrison
  • Caroline Coggan
  • Susan Ryan
  • Dick and Donna Meckley
  • Kevin Malloy
  • Robert Jackson
  • Jonathan Dietz
  • Donald Meckley
  • Rafael Salgado
  • Ariel Steele
  • David Scholtz
  • Harv Teitelbaum
  • Gerald Gibbens
  • Alexis Neely
  • Margot Summers
  • Annie Powell
  • Brian Jamison
  • Deb Gardner
  • John Barr
  • Sharon Wood
  • IBM Hearts and Hands Together
  • Chris Corbin
  • Greta Knievel
  • Sarah Kozlowski
  • Walter Harrison
  • Anthony Westlake
  • Adam Shepler
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