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A Letter From Our Executive Director – Rafael Salgado

A Letter From Our Executive Director

trail damage

Cal-Wood Education Center Weathers The Storm

For the past 30 years, Cal-Wood Education Center has connected Front Range youth to the Colorado Mountains through school and camp programs. Today, I am writing to ask for your help to overcome the destruction caused by the recent flooding.

Alongside the community of Jamestown, the recent flooding has heavily impacted Cal-Wood. Specifically, the roads that connect our property to the outside world and the trails that provide wilderness access to students have been destroyed.

Community volunteers built these trails in the early 1980’s. They have served over 100,000 students since then, and now we need the community’s help again.

Between the cost to repair our roads and trails, and the lost revenue from canceled school program visits, our flood recovery estimate totals to $170,000. We’re facing a massive uphill battle to save Cal-Wood, and we’re committed to making it happen. Our goal is raise at least $80,000 by the end of the year.

You can make this possible with a donation today!

There is also good news to share. At the time of the Jamestown flood we were hosting a group of 100 students, teachers and parents from Fireside Elementary.  They did have to stay an extra night, but were airlifted by helicopter.  The next day, reunited with their families after an unexpected mountain adventure.


We have staff, instructors, and dedicated volunteers ready to get Cal-Wood back in shape ready for students.  With your help,  we can get things back to normal so that our amazing staff can get thousands of students back to nature by the first of next year. But we can’t wait; the effort to save Cal-Wood starts now, and begins with you!

We appreciate your help!


Thank you,


Rafael Salgado

Executive Director

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  1. Rafael, Let us know here at Superior Elementary what we can do to help. Of course we will focus on fundraising for CalWood, but we have some string and willing people to come help out with whatever you need. We love CalWood and want to see it fully restored. Please let me and Bobby know what we can do.. Pam Sanders

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