May 2013 Summer Camp Challenge

Posted on May 16, 2013

What is your favorite memory of being in the mountains as a child? May 2013 Appeal Button

Was it sitting around the campfire and looking at the stars that seemed so close you could reach out and touch one?  Was it quietly watching a mother and baby elk on your way to breakfast?  Or was it catching a butterfly in a net and then holding your breath while it sat on your finger for a few seconds before fluttering away?

There are thousands of school children on the Front Range of Colorado who have never been to summer camp.  They look at the mountains from their schoolyards in Thornton, Commerce City, or even Boulder, but they’ve never been up the winding canyons to experience what the mountains have to offer.

We want to share a meaningful camp experience with at least 25 more young people, and we need your support.  Our goal is to raise $10,000 by the end of May to make this possible.  If we exceed this goal we will be able to extend this camping opportunity to even more disadvantaged youth.

Help us raise $10,000 by the end of May so we can bring at least 25 more deserving youth to camp this summer.  Please donate today!

In 2013 we have already received 66 requests for financial assistance and have granted close to $18,000 in camp assistance so far, but the need is greater.   We have been able to offer this level of assistance thanks to the generosity of donors like you who have supported our Christmas Tree fundraiser, individual gifts, foundation support and businesses.

Our newest partnership with the City of Boulder Family Resource Schools program, Creekside Elementary School, Manhattan, Casey and Centennial Middle Schools have identified at least 25 youth that are deserving of a camp experience.  These are students who would love to have the opportunity to catch tadpoles in the pond, hike to the top of a mountain they never thought they could climb and experience the silence of a world unplugged from technology.

You can help make the dream of camp a reality by donating now.

In addition financial support from Cal-Wood these youth will have the opportunity to earn a portion of the camp tuition through City of Boulder sponsored summer employment.  Who knows if this experience in nature might spark one young man to consider college for a degree in wildlife biology or a young woman to realize she really likes science and pursue a career in engineering?

Who knows what kind of dreams may be possible?

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration,


Rafael Salgado

Executive Director