A Big Thank You To Superior Elementary!!!

Posted on Jun 4, 2013

Thank You To Superior Elementary Student Council!

Cal-Wood Education Center is grateful for all of the donors that support our efforts to bring low-income students to the Colorado mountains.  Cal-Wood recently received a $500 donation raised by the 4th and 5th grade Student Council at Superior Elementary and are tremendously impressed by the creativity and dedication of the students, teachers, parents who worked all year to supporting students who otherwise might not be able to have a Cal-Wood Experience.
Student Council Officers - Superior Elementary present $500 check to Andre' Bollaert - Cal-Wood Development Director.

Student Council Officers – Superior Elementary present $500 check to Andre’ Bollaert – Cal-Wood Development Director.

The 5th grade students from Superior came to Cal-Wood in the third week of May for their own School Program, a three day – two night outdoor education experience that has become a tradition for their school.  With their gift we will be able to help support a group of students from a Title 1 School, or a school that has 60% or more of their students in the free or reduced lunch program.

The 2012/13 Superior Elementary fundraising efforts of the 4th and 5th Grade Student Council at Superior Elementary, as described by Bobby Lehman, 5th Grade Teacher.
We spent much of the year raising money for our two organizations, Cal-Wood Education Center and the Bumbuli Hospice of Tanzania.  We have fun raising money and getting kids excited about our organizations through fun events!
  • Fall Fling!  We raised money with our Pie Toss booth.  Kids could pay two tickets to throw whipped cream pies at their teachers.  It was a messy, fantastic time!
  • ‘Bring In Your Presidents’ Week:  During the week of Presidents’ Day, we asked kids to bring in their ‘Washingtons and Lincolns’.  We even made a movie starring Student Council kids.  We time traveled back into history and brought Abraham Lincoln and George Washington to our school in order to get kids psyched up to donate money.
  • During our two Superior Songbirds Concerts, we collected money before and after the show.
Overall, we collected $1000.00 for our two organizations!  They both came to our May 3 meeting and we gave them the money.  They were very happy.  The money will help kids get school supplies (Bumbuli Hospice) and let kids go to Cal-Wood when otherwise they couldn’t afford it.
We are proud to be making a difference in our community and in the world!
Bobby Lehman, 5th grade teacher
Superior Elementary

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Superior Elementary Thank You Note