Fireside Elementary Students, Teachers and Parents Return To Cal-Wood

Posted on Oct 16, 2013

Fireside Elementary Students, Teachers and Parents Return To Cal-Wood

Fireside Students, Teachers and Parents Return to Rebuild Trails

On October 13th, 45 plus Fireside Elementary students, teachers, and parents returned to Cal-Wood Education Center as the first volunteer group to rebuild trails damage after the flooding in September.  We are so pleased and honored that they organized this volunteer effort!  They worked on repairing the main trail that leads from our lodge to the parking area.  This trail has been used by over 100,000 children over the years as part of their outdoor education program.  Cal-Wood has been working hard to raise funds needed to continue our mission of Connecting Kids to the Colorado Mountains through high quality outdoor education.

Fireside Returns!

“I think for myself, and for the other parents who volunteered in September…as well as the kids….it was just really great to go back up there and help fix the trail and see the camp again.  Our departure was so epic in nature….to drive back up and visit 

again….it felt really good.  I think for these kids, it gave them a real taste of volunteering and how working hard to help others and giving your time could feel really great!  A great lesson to learn as kids, huh?”  Debbie Blanco, Fireside Parent

9news covered the volunteer project

At the time of the Jamestown flood we were hosting a group of 100 students, teachers and parents from Fireside Elementary.  Although the power, phones, and Internet went out they were safe and sound at Cal-Wood.  We were prepared with a generator, a well-stocked pantry, water and heat.Fixing the Lodge Trail

The students carried on with their outdoor education program as planned, thanks to the amazing teachers, parents and Cal-Wood staff.  With the roads out and no way to transport the students safely home they had to stay an extra night.  At 11 am the next morning the National Guard arrived with helicopters to airlift them back to their families.

When the students, teachers and parents arrived at the airport they celebrated and smiled.  They shared their amazing experiences as something they would never forget.  We hope that all students who come to Cal-Wood Education Center view it as an experience they will never forget.

For more information visit the flood recovery page.

We have also posted a video showing the impacts and damages to Cal-Wood.