Survival Olympics at Cal-Wood

Posted on Mar 23, 2015

Survival Olympics at Cal-Wood

Students compete in teams to make the best fire.

This week we teamed up with Alexander Dawson School to create a week full of survival challenges that would get sixth graders to learn important skills while working together as a team.

Instructors worked with their learning groups to prepare them with some of the important knowledge and skills they would need in order to survive in the wild.

Not only did they learn the information, but they had to put it into action! Teams built shelters, fires, and boiled water.  They learned about wild edibles, then calculated the calories those food sources would provide versus the calories expended to obtain the food. Their knowledge of first aid was put to the test when our roving instructors, Lauren and Colleen, visited the groups to test them.

When Colleen stumbled into the camp sites pretending to have hypothermia, the students were challenged to take care of her and solve the problem in a simulation with no input from the adults present. Some of the groups discovered how easy it is to make mistakes in panic mode!

Each day, at the end of the program, all the learning groups met up for a team challenge in our first ever Survival Olympics.  Challenges included a fire-making contest (pictured above), a backpack relay, and a woodsman competition with crosscut saws.

We had such a great time watching the teams work collaboratively over the course of the four day visit. We are looking forward to integrating some of these activities in our future school programs!