2017 Summer Camps

Posted on May 11, 2017

2017 Summer Camps

“When I first started at Cal-Wood, 5 years ago, there was one Cal-Wood Summer Camp that ran for a week in July. Now that we are planning for over 400 campers and we have a total of 11 unique programs with 17 total summer sessions, those days of one summer camp are a blur!” 

Jamie Preira, Cal-Wood Program Manager

It has been an incredible experience to watch our summer camp programs grow exponentially over these 5 years. The one Cal-Wood Summer Camp we started with has morphed into some of the most unique programming I have seen in my career. We have a camp for every personality and for almost every age. Whether they’re an aspiring artist, a curious engineer, an outdoor enthusiast, an inquisitive historian, an avid hiker, an observant naturalist, or just a kid who likes to have fun – we have a camp for them! AND we can accommodate campers from 3rd to 12th grade.

 With the addition of camps, we have moved away from the solid walls of our cabins to offer 3 different varieties of residential options as well. We have lodge camps, tent camps, and backpacking camps. Each camp is self-sufficient in their location except for when they come to the lodge for showers. It’s a quick turnaround and an amazing transition from our school programs to our summer camps and I cannot wait for this 2017 summer camp season as we perfect the process.

We have financial aid and scholarship opportunities available and you can find more information about our rates and dates and specific camp descriptions on our website: http://www.calwood.org/camps  

 I look forward to meeting you and your campers this summer!