Cal-Wood is Growing!

Posted on Oct 23, 2015

Cal-Wood is Growing!

Having recovered from the 2013 flood, we’ve experienced an increase in program growth. During 2014-15 we had great response and support from participating schools, and the Environmental Education for K-12 Schools program grew! In 2014-15 we served 3,783 students, including 1,153 low-income students. This was our best year yet! Summer of 2015 was also a successful time, with an increase in summer campers — 351 total campers participated, including 100 low-income youth. During summer our new Latino Family Camp also grew. We served increase of 58 families (268 people total)! View the Latino Family Camp video.

We are glad to share that we have resumed the process of expanding our facilities. This expansion is necessary due to the increase in demand for our programs. Expanding our facilities will allow us to meet housing and dining needs during our peak seasons. We will be adding another cabin to our four existing cabins. Having already raised 85% of the funds for this cabin, we are planning to start building in the next 6 months. Thank you to our generous donors, who made this possible! Our new cabin will increase our current lodging capabilities by about 45%, allowing us to have 34 additional students on site. In the coming year, we will also be raising funds to expand our lodge dining hall area. The planned renovation to our lodge dining hall will expand our current seating by about 75%. Stay tuned for more news about the dining hall.

With these changes we will be able to increase our program capacity by 40-45% in the next five years. What this means for us in numbers is serving 1,600 more students per year!

Our staff has grown as well, and we are excited about our new team. Diana, our new Development Director brings 8 years of fundraising experience to Cal-Wood. She’s working on raising additonal money to bring more low-income and minority students and families to Cal-Wood.

We also recently hired a new Program Director, John. John brings with him many years of experience managing successful environmental education programs, and we are excited to have him on board. About his experience so far at Cal-Wood, John says: “I really enjoy all of the different teaching areas and opportunities Cal-Wood can offer to schools. I also really enjoy seeing the passion that the staff has for teaching environmental education.” In addition to hiring a new Program Director, the program team has expanded. Our Field Instructor team has grown from 5 to 7 full-time individuals, and we also added two new positions: 1. Our Program Coordinator, Jamie Preira, is focused on improving relationships with schools and handling program logistics. 2. Our Curriculum Manager, Rachel Brooks, focuses solely on working with teachers to design customized curriculum and parent orientations.

We are looking forward to another great year with our new team!

New Program Director

Our Senior Field Instructor Erik (on the left) with our new Program Director John (on the right).