Mountain Summer Camp Adventures

Posted on Mar 26, 2014

Mountain Summer Camp Adventures


Mountain Summer Camp is for the more adventurous camper, for the outdoor lover, for your kid!

Today was spent expending all of the pent up energy that has been building up over the lingering school year. An early morning wake-up provided enough time to have an entire day hiking and exploring at Rocky Mountain National Park.

Tomorrow could be Mountain Biking, the next day a trip to the High Ropes Challenge Course, but right now:

  • Dinner: The part of the day that every camper looks forward to. As a community we prepare, eat, and clean-up our meals. It’s a time to reflect on the day, make a new friend and get a little silly.
  • Objective: Make burgers, brats, beans and salad for 25.
  • Challenges: 23/25 are tired campers; where is the mustard; we only have 30 minutes.

Sparta and The Princess Lair (camp tasks are assigned by tent, campers name their tent) are on dinner prep. Things are going flawlessly, salad is done, the table is set but the brats and veggie burgers are still on the grill. Blue Panther and Chinchilla (campers also get to choose a camp “nature name”) are tending the grill, only 1 brat fell into the fire, not bad! With plenty of supervision, campers get to take responsibility for the entire meal, empowering them within our small community.

  • Retreats and Groups

Post-dinner lends itself to what could be the second most sought after event at Mountain Summer Camp: Capture the Flag. Divided into 2 factions, lines are drawn, allegiances are formed, rules are explained, senses are heightened and the Game commences. On into the dusk of a Front Range sunset any surplus of energy is lost to the Game. Tired bodies lug themselves through the motions of preparing for bedtime; brush teeth, wash hands, go to the bathroom. Boys head to Camp Dynamite, girls retire to Outlaw Camp, tent zippers mingle with the crickets, and rustling sleeping bags as another great day comes to an end at Mountain Summer Camp.