Parachutes, Binoculars, and Bottle Rockets!

Posted on Oct 27, 2017

Parachutes, Binoculars, and Bottle Rockets!

Cal-Wood’s instructional team has added new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activities that have already engaged hundreds of students this fall.

“We are always brainstorming ways to better engage our students. We respond to the topics that our teachers request and research innovative ways to integrate authentic science into each activity.  We want the curricula at Cal-Wood to inspire the next environmental scientists, natural resource managers, and STEM professionals!” says Jamie Preira, School Program Director.

The 2017/2018 school year programming includes two new lessons and 1 new night activity that schools can choose to include in their custom-tailored 3 day/2 night program:

Climate Change: Students will embark on a climate change hike at Cal-Wood comparing wildlife and plants at different elevations. While playing with a parachute students will learn about greenhouse gases and what they can do reduce the human impact on the earth’s changing climate.

Citizen Science with Birds: Birds are powerful indicators of ecosystem health and can tell us when the seasons are changing, welcome or warn us with their songs, and now they are telling us an important message about the health of our world. At Cal-Wood students will get the chance to participate in a global citizen science program. They will learn how to identify and observe birds and collect data for Ebird while hiking on our 1200 acres.

Biomimicry & Bottle Rockets Night Program: Students will be using their powers of inquiry and observation to discover the features that make birds adept to flying and how humans taken inspiration from those features for aircraft design. They will create a bottle rocket design while utilizing the engineering process. Launching is definitely the most exciting part of this program and will send groups back to the drawing board to improve their rocket and work as a team.

Thanks to Xcel Energy Colorado for supporting STEM innovation at Cal-Wood!