Winter School Programs At Cal-Wood Are Underway

Posted on Feb 19, 2013

Winter School Programs At Cal-Wood Are Underway

This winter we are hosting two new schools: Free Horizon Montessori School, from Golden, and Mountain Phoenix Community School, from Wheat Ridge. Also, we are piloting new winter curriculum with the 5th grade class from Escuela de Guadalupe, from Denver. We are so excited to host new schools and to implement new winter programming. We hope that your school can join us next winter to take advantage of this great time to be at Cal-Wood. If your school would be interested in a winter program, we can customize the program to meet your specific goals and needs.

Winter has been beautiful at Cal-Wood this year. Elk have been on the move through the property. There have been several days when the herd has passed quite close to the lodge as they browse for food. Sightings have included groups of 100 to 400 individuals!

We also have frequent visits by flocks of juncos – small gray birds that intrigue ecologists because they exhibit many different phenotypes (that is, observable physical characteristics), and while most fit into recognizable “forms”, there is much hybridization and sharing of territory. At Cal-Wood we see the white-winged, slate-colored, Oregon, pink-sided, and gray-headed forms during the winter months, before the birds fly up to alpine areas to nest in the summertime. Students from Free Horizon Montessori, Kearney Middle School, Nederland Elementary, and Mountain Phoenix Community School will participate in observation and data collection about our junco populations this winter as they conduct winter ecology research projects.

Our staff received archery training from Colorado Bowhunters volunteer Ivan James on January 28. We are all Level 1 USA Archery Instructors now and we are ready to help your students hit the targets on our new archery range! Equipment for the range was acquired through a grant from Easton Sports Development Foundation and a donation from Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Cal-Wood hopes that your students can join us for Spring Break and Summer Camps this year! If you know of a student who would enjoy these programs, please let them know about us! Scholarships are available for low-income students. Online registration for these camps is available now through the Cal-Wood website.