Facilities and Landmarks

Our lodge consists of an upstairs meeting room, complete with a stone fireplace, a lower level classroom, and a spacious deck with stunning views. It also contains modern bathrooms, showers and a medical room. Our eight log cabins each house eight beds, propane heaters, lights, dressers, a front porch with benches, and are within 30 yards of the Lodge. Linens are available upon request. All of Cal-Wood’s facilities have modern amenities yet maintain a rustic feel suited to the environment.

Our kitchen and dining room are well equipped and can accommodate up to 70 people. Chose to have our chef prepare your meals or use our kitchen to prepare your own. Enjoy 9 miles of hiking trails, relax on our deck, or request a special program for your organization. Cal-Wood also has an outdoor fire ring, picnic tables, camp sites, fishing ponds, recreation field, as well as a sweeping view of the surrounding foothills and Continental Divide.

We have three campsites located on our property. The Mica Mine campsite is the furthest from the lodge, and therefore is the most secluded. It accommodates up to 10 tents and includes a fire ring and outhouse. Solitude campsite is a short walk from the lodge and is in a wooded area. It accommodates up to 20 tents and includes a fire ring, outhouse and warming hut. Lastly, the Outpost campsite is located near our main gate. It accommodates up to 10 tents and includes a cooking shelter and sweeping views of the continental divide a short distance up the hill.

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