School Programs

School Programs

The Science-Based Environmental Education Program is a three-day, two-night outdoor immersion program for elementary and middle school students.  With each class group Cal-Wood education staff partner with visiting teachers to tailor a specific set of learning objectives that are relevant to the needs of the students, and support STEM objectives.  Cal- Wood’s 1,200-acre pristine classroom provides hands-on learning experiences to students of all ages in all areas of the curriculum. For example, they learn math and science skills by collecting and processing data about effects of pine beetle on trees, soil, and water.

By the end of the program the change in the students is visible. They are more confident, they understand more about the world around them, they know their teachers and classmates on a deeper level, and they have bigger smiles. This awe-inspiring property includes acres of forested land, many species of wildlife and plants, nine miles of trails, meadows, peaks, ponds, streams, a waterfall, a 1901 homestead, a Native American tipi, once-active mines, camping areas, cabins, and a lodge.

We collaborate with teachers to design a unique program that reflects the needs and abilities of their students. No two Cal-Wood programs are the same!

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