Adult Chaperones

Welcome Parent Chaperones!

Thank you in advance for dedicating your time and energy to making the kids’ trip to Cal-Wood the most rewarding experience possible!

As an adult supervisor for your school, you are an integral component to the overall success of the program. The following information is meant to provide you with the necessary background knowledge for being great support. The teachers from your school will always be your primary contact while at Cal-Wood. You will also attend an adult support orientation meeting upon arrival where Cal-Wood’s School Program Manger will explain your role in detail and address any issues or concerns you might have.

The following is a schedule of a typical day at Cal-Wood:

  • 7:00-7:45 Wake-Up- get dressed, showers, etc.
  • 7:30-7:45 Hoppers to kitchen
  • 7:45-8:30 Breakfast & Clean-up.
  • 8:30-9:00 Get ready for the day, pack necessary items for a full day out.
  • 9:00-4:30 Field Day, guided by Cal-Wood staff
  • 4:30-6:00 Cabin-time & Down-time supervised by school support personnel
  • 5:45-6:00 Hoppers to Dining Hall
  • 6:00-7:00 Dinner & Clean-up
  • 7:30-8:45 Evening Program- guided by Cal-Wood staff
  • 8:45-9:30 Ready for Bed- supervised by school support personnel
  • 9:30-7:00 Lights Out- overnight in cabins supervised by school support personnel

In terms of supervision, your day(s) is divided into two main parts: the field day and the morning & evening down-times around Calvert Lodge and the cabins. The Head Teacher from your school is responsible for coordination of supervision of down-times.

During the field day Cal-Wood instructors assume primary supervision and have prepared a day of creative, engaging, experiential education. Your primary function is to help facilitate the smooth and safe flow of the day. Specific responsibilities include:

  1. Staying in the back of the line and ensuring everyone is keeping up with the group and not wandering off.
  2. Helping the group respond to instructors’ directions, e.g. organizing students, drinking water, and listening to others.
  3. Readiness to stay with group or go with student to Lodge in case of an emergency.

Each field day and learning group is diverse and poses unique challenges for the instructor and you. Similarly, during the activities, discuss with the instructor what role to assume as sometimes being a quiet observer is best while other times it is as an active participant. Again, the key to your success as adult support is communication and rapport with the instructor. Hopefully you will have a safe and enjoyable day helping the group learn in the outdoors.

The parts of the schedules where we ask you to directly supervise the students are before and after the field day and during the night-time. Of course, a Cal-Wood staff person will always be available to assist. The following are suggested activities for down time after the field day. The Head Teacher is responsible for organizing the supervision of downtime activities.

  • Journal writing- a successful approach used for down-time is for teachers to structure journal time where students have an opportunity to write about a particular topic.
  • Cabin time- napping, reading or just hanging out after a long day (an adult must be in the immediate area of the cabins.)
  • Outside recreation- at the volleyball court (we have volleyballs, soccer balls, Frisbees, etc.)
  • Board/card games- we encourage teachers to bring their own. (we provide some games in the lodge)
  • Reading and hanging out in/around the lodge and deck.
  • Art projects- cabin banners, friendship bracelets etc. (school provides supplies)
  • Skit preparation- students can prepare an appropriate skit for the campfire or as an evening program.
  • Showers- an adult must be in the immediate area around showers.

Others important notes concerning adult supervision:

  • Cal-Wood staff does not administer any medications of any kind to students. Administration of medications is the sole responsibility of the visiting school.
  • We require that parents participate in learning groups other than their child’s group.
  • For meals, we ask at least one adult to join each table to maintain a calm atmosphere.
  • We ask one adult to join each Community Responsibility crew: Hoppers, Clean-Up etc.
  • Please help students arrive on-time to scheduled activities such as meetings, meals, and evening programs as this is very important for the smooth operation of the day.
  • There is an emergency/medical room in the lodge across from the bathrooms for first-aid use. This is where students’ medical forms will be kept. Please notify Head Teacher before administering any first-aid.
  • We encourage adults to remain with the same learning group the duration of the Cal-Wood visit.
  • There is a minimum of one, and maximum of two adults allowed (besides the instructor) in each learning group.
  • If a student needs to be driven off Cal-Wood’s property (medical, behavior etc.), it is the schools’ responsibility to provide the transportation. We recommend leaving one car parked at the lodge.

Please park all other vehicles in the main entrance parking area.

The most important thing we can ask of you during your visit is to communicate with your Head Teacher and the Cal-Wood staff. Please let us know if you feel there is a problem, if there is an issue of which we are unaware, or if you even want to offer positive words. We want to work together to create a magical, rewarding, learning experience for everyone!

If for any reason you feel an issue related to child services at Cal-Wood should to be reported to the Colorado Department of Human Services, their Colorado phone number is  1-800-799-5876 .

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