Adult Chaperones

Welcome Parent Chaperones!

Thank you in advance for dedicating your time and energy to making the kids’ trip to Cal-Wood the most rewarding experience possible!

As an adult supervisor for your school, you are an integral component to the overall success of the program. The following information is meant to provide you with the necessary background knowledge for being great support. The teachers from your school will always be your primary contact while at Cal-Wood. You will also attend an adult support orientation meeting upon arrival where Cal-Wood’s School Program Director will explain your role in detail and address any issues or concerns you might have.

It is  recommended that before your Cal-Wood program you read through our: Chaperone Handbook.

Extra Information For Adult Chaperones: 

Please park any vehicles that are not the designated emergency vehicle in the main entrance parking area.

The most important thing we can ask of you during your visit is to communicate with your Head Teacher and the Cal-Wood staff. Please let us know if you feel there is a problem, if there is an issue of which we are unaware, or if you  want to offer positive words. We want to work together to create a magical, rewarding, learning experience for everyone!

If for any reason you feel an issue related to child services at Cal-Wood should to be reported to the Colorado Department of Human Services, their Colorado phone number is  1-800-799-5876 .