Personal Equipment List

Cal-Wood is located at an elevation of 7,800 feet. The weather in the mountains is subject to sudden changes. It is important to be prepared for rain, intense sun, and snow. We recommend that you put your child’s name on everything.



…in a daypack: (school backpack or other similar. 2 thick straps is a must for daily hiking.)

___ Sack lunch for first day

___ Water bottle (at least 1 quart/liter)

___ Warm layer (wool or fleece is best)

___ Sun hat or baseball cap

___ Sunglasses

___ Sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher—a MUST)

___ Pencil or pen

___ Journal or notebook

___ Warm gloves and hat

___ Extra pair of socks

___ Rain jacket or poncho (if poncho, be sure it is durable plastic)

…in a suitcase or large backpack:

NOTE: Pack in a manageable bag… students will need to carry all their belongings 1⁄4 mile uphill to the cabins.

___ Hiking boots or sturdy shoes (snow boots recommended Oct-April)

___ Sleeping bag & small pillow (packed in stuff sack or bag)

___ Full change of clothes- pants/shirt/underwear/socks etc

___ Pajamas

___ Socks (long socks are best.  Preferably a couple warm wool pairs)

___ Winter coat or jacket

___ Long underwear or a base layer

___ Plastic bags to pack wet items OR to cover socks in shoes if no snow boots

___ Toiletry bag (ziplock or grocery bag is fine) with:

___ Toothbrush & toothpaste

___ Brush or comb

___ Washcloth & towel

___ Soap


___ Bandana, books, camera, flashlight, field guide, binoculars, tissues/handkerchief

___ Slippers for lodge (outside shoes are not allowed inside lodge)

___ Extra pair of outside shoes in case first pair gets wet

___ Rain pants/snow pants (just in case)


  • snacks, junk food, chewing gum, candy (don’t want to attract wildlife to cabins!)
  • electronics such as cell phones (there is no reception at Cal-Wood), mp3 players, radios, hand-held video games, curling irons, and blow dryers. Being unplugged is an important part of the experience!
  • knives, matches/lighters
  • money or anything valuable

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