Planning Timeline

As Soon as Possible

  1. Sign and return a copy of your Cal-Wood Contract.
  2. Pay deposit.
  3. Arrange transportation (Wed departure no later then 1pm, Wed arrival no earlier then 10am) (Please confirm your busses are Mountain Equipped, i.e. chains)
  4. Consider a visit to Cal-Wood if you have not been here before.
  5. Schedule a personal meeting with the School Program Coordinator
  6. Consider a parent orientation meeting at your school (request a Cal-Wood representative if you would like one) and/or send Letter to Parents (page 13) with necessary information filled in (this form can be emailed as a document for you to revise.)

Six Weeks Prior to Trip

  1. Distribute Medical Form (page 15), Personal Equipment List (page 14) to all students.
  2. Select supervising adults (a minimum of one and maximum of two adults per Learning Group).
  3. Distribute Adult Supervisor Information (page 17) and Adult Registration/Medical Form (page 19) to all participating adults, consider an adult supervisor orientation.

Four Weeks Prior to Trip

  1. Collect all Medical Forms from students and adults. Check forms for signatures.
  2. Complete the following forms:
    1. Learning Group Assignments (page 21)
    2. Sort Medical forms by learning group.
    3. Cabin Assignments (page 22)
  3. Complete and mail or fax to Cal-Wood the Medical/Dietary Alerts form (page 20).
  4. Prepare any special arrangements for students/adults with specific medical/dietary needs.

Two Weeks Prior to Trip

  1. Confirm your final number of students and adults with Cal-Wood.
  2. Copy and assemble the Cal-Wood Journal.
  3. Tell students their Cabin/Learning Group assignments.
  4. Prepare the class for the experience; review Cal-Wood policies, review equipment list, conduct a pre-trip activity, build the excitement!

Upon Arrival

  1. Meet Cal-Wood staff in main parking area to unload gear and walk (with gear) to Lodge.
  2. Drive one car to Lodge to serve as emergency vehicle.
  3. Provide School Program Coordinator with completed medical forms.
  4. Congratulate yourself on preparations well done.

Download PDF of this timeline