Academic Offerings

Program Categories and Academic Offerings

At Cal-Wood, no two school programs are ever alike. Our educational programs are customized to meet trip goals and objectives, as well as each school’s unique student body. Teachers and administrators select topics, activities, and themed programs that best connect to what students are learning or are about to learn in the classroom. We creatively design interactive and experiential lessons which are specific to the features of our natural landscape. For details, see the descriptions below or contact our Curriculum Manager:

View a video clip of our Environmental Education Program

All Cal-Wood school programs include hiking, field observation, team building, nature awareness activities, conservation themes and plenty of teachable moments. In addition to these components, teachers select academic lessons for each trip. Each lesson includes one or more hands-on activities. For more details about each program category, visit our Academic Offerings (Program Descriptions). We look forward to working with you! 

To see a detailed description of a lesson, please click the lesson name to be redirected to our lesson descriptions. 

Program Categories:  

Earth Systems Science  ♦  Physical Science  ♦  Life Science  ♦
Social Studies: History  ♦  Social Studies: Geography  ♦  Themed Programs ♦
Research Projects  ♦  Service Projects
Recreational Lessons  ♦  Night Programs ♦
Last Day Large Group Activities  ♦  Winter Lessons


Earth Systems Science

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Physical Science

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Life Science

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Social Studies – History

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Social Studies – Geography

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NEW! Themed Programs

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Research Projects

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Service Projects

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Recreational Lessons 

Night Programs

Last Day Large Group Activities

Winter Lessons