Feedback is very important to the staff at Cal-Wood as we strive to constantly improve our curriculum and the overall experience of all who participate in our outdoor education programs. At the conclusion of each visit, our instructors give each adult our School Program Evaluation to take with them, complete and return. We ask that you reflect upon your recent trip and provide honest feedback regarding the program and overall experience at Cal-Wood, including the curriculum, staff, accommodations, schedule and food. Our School Program Manager will meet with our teaching staff to discuss your feedback so we can work together to continue those aspects of your program that were positive, and improve upon any areas highlighted in the evaluations. In addition to the adult evaluations, our staff often receives thank you notes from the students that visit Cal-Wood. These personal sentiments reinforce our mission and remind us all of the lasting impact outdoor education has on our youth.


“Thank you for the best outdoor time of my life! I don’t consider going outside much, but after I went to Cal-Wood, I’ve been outside a whole lot more!”
-Erik Greenlee

“My favorite memory was when you showed us a tree that smelled like vanilla. I got to know the people in my class better. Calwood had a lot of beautiful trees and amazing ponds. Thank you for taking us to the top of mountains. Thank you. I would want to come again.”

“You teached me things I didn’t even know I learned until I talked about it like all the time.”
-Natalie Levenson

“We were very impressed with Cal-Wood’s school program. Cal-Wood’s program clearly addressed science, math, social studies, and language arts standards and curricula. The instructors were very knowledgeable, personable and high energy, yet calming. We especially liked the balance of academic and affective curriculum. Members of our staff have attended various outdoor education programs and Cal-Wood is now our first choice.”
-Dr. Nancy Mervar Former Director of Curriculum for the Boulder Valley School District and former Principal of Alicia Sanchez Elementary School.