Safety & Policies for Students

Safety & Policies for Students:

  1. SAFETY – Having fun at Cal-Wood means that you must be safety conscious at all times. Please remember to think before you act! Safety has been priority number one since our school programs began in 1982. We prefer to schedule only one school group at a time and although secluded, we are not remote, and have quick access to emergency services. Boulder Community Hospital is 30 minutes away and an approved helicopter landing site is next to Calvert Lodge, which houses a dedicated medical room. All instructors have training in Wilderness First-Aid/CPR and carry radios and first aid kits in the field. Finally, our program costs include accident insurance for all participants (insurance can be waived if alternative coverage is preferred.)
  2. RESPECT – Show respect for Cal-Wood’s property, the land, your fellow students, the adults and most importantly, yourself. All of Cal-Wood’s policies stem from this.
  3. Lodge Rules:
    • Shoes off in the Lodge (you may bring house shoes or slippers for inside the Lodge)
    • No food on carpeted areas
    • Keep bathrooms free of personal belongings
    • Only adults can start and tend to fires
    • Phones are for adult use only
    • Please limit showers to five minutes
  4. Cabin Rules:
    • Absolutely no food in cabins
    • (food in cabins invites rodents)
    • Stay on designated trails around cabins
    • No Running.
    • Only adults may operate heaters (do not place anything on or around the heaters)
    • Students must notify the cabins adult if going to bathroom at night and take along a buddy
    • Do not look through anyone’s belongings in your cabin except for your own
    • Report anything that is broken
  5. Property Rules:
    • Do not feed any wildlife! (They are wild animals)
    • Stay on trails unless instructed otherwise
    • Pick up all trash you find (whether it is yours or not)
    • Do not drink any water from streams or ponds (all indoor faucet water is drinkable)
    • No throwing of any objects (snowballs, rocks, sticks, etc.)
  6. Personal Rules:
    • No candy or gum at any time
    • No personal electronic equipment (hairdryers, iPods, hand
    • games etc.)
    • Drink plenty of water
  7. Group Rules:
    • Respect everyone in your group
    • Students must remain under adult supervision at all times

Should students break any rules at Cal-Wood, they will receive a strike from either our staff, or the staff attending from the school. Each strike is accompanied by the following action(s):

  • Strike 1: A Verbal Warning
  • Strike 2: Student misses 10 minutes of a fun activity
  • Strike 3: Student misses 20 minutes of downtime, and they must call home
  • Strike 4: Student’s parent/legal guardian must come pick the student up at Cal-Wood.