Scholarships & Fundraising

Cal-Wood offers scholarship funding to schools through our BRIDGE Fund to serve low-income students! Please contact us for more information.

We appreciate your commitment to the Cal-Wood program and wish to support your efforts in making the program a reality. To that end, we offer these ideas and sample contribution request letter to assist your fundraising efforts. Feel free to modify this letter to best suit your purposes and proposal.

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Who to send a letter to? As many places as possible!

Sources that typically contribute:

  • School District Foundations
  • Supermarkets
  • Major Retail Stores
  • Banks
  • Auto Dealers
  • Hospitals
  • Churches
  • Service Groups (Rotary, Kiwanis)
  • Any major corporation in your area
  • Individuals

Other possibilities sources to send proposal:

  • Private Foundations- this is often a more time-consuming process. Check if there is a local Community Foundation.
  • Local governments often have a Youth Committee that gives small grants.

Additional suggestions for your letter:

  • Try to have a personal conversation with the main contact person- preferrably in person. They will often provide advice on the kind of information they look for in their decision making process.
  • Send the letter with as much advance notice as possible, as the process takes time.
  • Use school letterhead and have your principal sign the letter.
  • Provide as many specifics as possible, especially regarding your financial situation and Free & Reduced Lunch numbers.
  • Student testimonials and/or pictures are very effective additions.
  • Make sure to follow-up by phone after you have sent the letter.

Other potential resources:

  • PTO’s
  • Other Parents- perhaps certain families could contribute a higher amount to sponsor another child.
  • Chocolate bars and other items for kids to sell
  • Bake sales, pizza dinners
  • A parent information night helps parents understand and “buy in” to the program

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