Transportation to Cal-Wood

Transportation to Cal-Wood

All groups are responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from Cal-Wood. You can start by contacting the transportation department of your school district. In the case that your district will not send buses up to Cal-Wood, or they will not let you arrive or leave at the time you would like, please check out some other options below. 

Options for transportation:

1. Individual cars: limited to smaller school groups and must park down the pond in the visitor parking lot. We recommend bringing high-clearance cars that are 4-wheel drive and equipped with good tires in case of inclement weather.

2. School bus: In requesting district busses, please be sure to remind them that the buses should be mountain equipped.

3. Charter bus: If requesting a charter bus, please be sure it is mountain equipped.

4. Renting a school bus: We can highly recommend contacting Boulder Valley School District Transportation or Velocity Transit if your district busses are not available. Please let them know Cal-Wood sent you. Boulder Valley School District Transportation can be reached at  303.447.5126 OR Velocity Transit at (303) 362-1180

Emergency vehicle information:

There must be one vehicle that is the designated school emergency vehicle, for any needed transportation to a hospital or other such emergency. This is the only vehicle that will park behind the Lodge. It is recommended that this vehicle be well equipped with 4-wheel drive and good tires in case of inclement weather.

Driving tips:

Please drive slowly through Jamestown. The posted speed limit is 15 mph. Please be respectful of the residents of Jamestown and keep your speed down.

Once you turn onto Balarat Road (also CR87), please be aware that this is a steep, narrow dirt road with two-way traffic. Please drive slowly and cautiously around curves and remember that the vehicle traveling uphill has the right of way.

Travel times:

Please be respectful in the canyon and drive slowly as there are steep drop offs and uneven areas. These following estimated times do not factor in traffic, weather, or any road delays in the canyon, so please consider that when planning your arrival and departure times.

From Boulder: 35 minutes

From Longmont: 45 minutes

From Denver: 75 minutes

From Greeley: 90 minutes

From Aurora: 105 minutes

Follow this link for driving directions