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Cal-Wood strives to grow the diversity and number of people who experience nature and the Colorado mountains through our environmental education programs.

Cal-Wood Creates Deeper Connections

We are grateful to be grantees of the Parks for All Grant through Hydro Flask and appreciate the video they created. 
Parks For All is Hydro Flask's way of sharing its love for green spaces, and ensuring these special places get the attention and protection they deserve. As of January 2024, Parks For All has supported 241 nonprofits by contributing over $3.7 million and donating more than 96,348 Hydro Flask bottles to its grantees.

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Get Involved


We're hiring across many of our departments and we would love to have you join our team!

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We are so excited that schools have returned to Cal-Wood!  It is amazing to have students back, to have the opportunity to engage them in 30+ hours of field-based exploration and watch them connect to nature and each other. 

Interested in having your school join us? Let us know!  

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Volunteers are integral to Cal-Wood's stewardship, restoration and operation.  We have a range of volunteer opportunities including wildfire restoration, trail building and maintenance, and other natural resource projects including planting willows to help minimize soil erosion and deposits in the creek, fixing hay bales, and seeding grass.


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