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Cal-Wood has a variety of exciting volunteer opportunities for individual and groups. Groups can include companies, corporate entities, organizations, boy scout/girl scout groups, and other non-profits. Whether you are a small family, individual or you represent small or large groups, we can utilize your generous support in many ways.

The majority of the volunteer projects require you to be here at Cal-Wood. Example projects include trail maintenance, forest management, wildfire management, invasive species control, building/campsite maintenance, and wildlife oriented projects.  We can work with your groups if you have project ideas not listed above.

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Please sign up below and we will schedule a time to work with you. Our volunteer season starts in May and continues thru November. Volunteering is a rewarding and effective way to support our goals and to assist in critical land management activities.



Physical Address: 2282 County Road 87, Jamestown, CO 80455
Mailing Address: PO Box 347, Jamestown, CO 80455

Phone: (303) 449-0603

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