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On October 17, 2020, the Cal-Wood Fire burned more than half of our 1,200 acre beautiful mountain top. We have 100% tree mortality in many areas, and, even where there is some survival, the land that we love is changed forever.

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We are so grateful for the outpouring of support for Cal-Wood in the months that have followed the Cal-Wood Fire.  With this support, we were able to fund the initial phase of restoration!

Please consider supporting Cal-Wood’s restoration efforts and environmental education programs moving forward.


We are so grateful to all of our donors who have responded so quickly to support Cal-Wood.


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Marj Adams
Sarah Adams
Todd and Rebecca Adelman
The Algreen Family
Jen Anderson
Amanda Angha
Aratow Family
Leann Arend & John Cocci
Chad and Melissa Arnold
Danielle McNutt
Austin Family
Previous student camper
Michelle Barnes
Hilary Barthel
Paul and Jane Baryames
Charlotte Bell & Jeremy Broestl
The Bendele Family
The Benhams
Liraz bergman-Turner
Matalin Binder
Shannon Blankenship
Molly J- camper from 2017
Catherine Bowman
Sally and Sandy Bracken
Rose Branca
Colette Bowles Breen
Doug & Jackie Brinton
Emily & Greg Britt
Marni Brown
Mark Brunner
Beth Bryant
Mary and Eric Busko
Kathy Butler
Amanda and Chris Bybee
Eryn Cangi
Carlson Family
Carroll Family
Cattau Family
Sue & Ron Cawley
Lorene Cecilia
Beth Chamberlain and Family
Louise Chawla
Ford and Jessica Church
Ethan Chutkow
Ethan Chutkow
Karl Chwe
Cloninger Family
Los estudiantes y maestros de La escuela bilingüe Pioneer
Jeanne Connely
Cate Cook
Megan Schumacher
The Cowie's
Sarah crane
Jennifer R Culp
Debbie Cushman
Bill& Mary dawson
Rosemary Dempsey
Di Morgan
Lisa Dierauf
Stephanie Dobbie
Dan Donahue
Mike/Bev Donahue
The Donaldsons
Jack Donnelly
Paul Dreyer
Lawson and Suzanne Drinkard
Alyson Duffey
David Dyer
Katie Ebinger
Kara Edin
Rachel Edwards
Nancy Egelhoff
Elaine Eichel
David Eisenstein and Monica Ely
Jon Evans
Kate Farmer
Farrelly Beck Family
Conor Felletter
Katy and Tim Nichols
The Fishman Family
The Fitzer Family
Eve Fogarty
Sasha Forsyth
Leora Frankel
Nate Franson
Kristen & John Freaney
Amy French
Lisa F.
The Fross Family
Kate G
Beth Garbutt
Liz Gardner
Yoana Georgis
Chris Gerber
Anne & Steve Gibson
Rachel Gillette
Nicole Gittens Ashby & Richard Ashby
Liz Goehring
Ryan Golten and Brandt Milstein
Matthew Gordon
Brenda Graffis
The Green Family
Paul and Suzanne Griffin
Phyllis Gunn
Julia Haas
Hagberg family
Russell Meller and Susan Hankins
Michael Hanson
Frances Hartogh
Jake Harvey
Hatch Family
Leah Heasly
Hendricks Family
Elizabeth Henna
Joseph and Freya Henry
Katie Herbert
vanessa Hernandez Dale
Harry and Cindy Hesser
SAndra Hiland
Hilt Family
Jeff and Rachel Hohensee
Jeff Huling
Tom Huth
Drew & Kristina Hyde
Lynn Israel
Jacobs Family
Daisy and Kay Cee Drass Jacobson
The Jansens
Jon & Ruth Jeambey
Melody and Ali Johnson
Wild Rose Education
Ana Johnson
Anne Sheehan/Craig Jones
Michael Joseph
Kavitha Kailasam
Kelly Keena
Nina Keilson
Dennis  King
Mr. Turtle (Liam S)
Jason Kirkfield & family
Elena Klaver
Kim Kleinman
Daniel Kolman
Taytem Kowalchuk
Phyllis kretsch
Patrick Lacz
Conrad and Loran Lattes
Sandra Laursen
Jonah and Jen Levine
Levine Carmeli Family
Lewallen Family
Milla Lindqvist
Dazhen Gu and Xia Liu
Longenbach Family
Indra Lusero
Allison Lusero Hoffman and Alex Peck
Dave and Ellen
The Magner Family
Myles Maland
Kathryn J Maland
The Malloy Family
Erich & Joanna Marks
Gabrielle & Hayley Sykes-Maxey
Ali Mayer
Heidi McAllister
McCaig Family
Kathy McCall
Kelly McCallister
Thomas McCollom
Mary McCormac
McCormick Family
Nederland Elementary School PTA
Zachary McGinty
Tamara & Matthew McKay
Jacquie & Andrew McKenna
Donna R Meckley
Kristin Menzie
Friends from Great Outdoors Colorado
Mike Minney
Mara Mintzer
Sacha Mittelman
Scott Mohnkern
Jim & Janet Muirhead
Shannon and Kailey Murphy
Tamsin Nathan
Katie Navin
Ursula Naylor
Nick Neiman
Nothwang Family
Sarah O'Brien
Corin and Ashley O'Connell
Mikayla Ojeda
Dave and Pam Olson
Otten/Gerber Family
Joe and Windi Padia
Anne D Palazzola
Mary Anne Paul
Pettit Family
Paula and Bruce Plomondon
Janeen Plomondon
Danica Powell
Tara and Dan Powers
David Reedy
Julie Rehmeyer
Carin Reich
Amy and Scott Nichols
The Rigney Family
Dawn M Ringenbach
Laura robertson
Robinson Family
Grandma Jane
The Ruben Family
Doug and Jen Rutherford
A grateful Lafayette Family
Kathleen Salmon
P. Sanders
The Saunders Family
Rosalee Schimpf
Rosalee Schimpf
Gina Schley
Jenny Schmidt
Mary & Peter Schmitt
Gabriella Schuler
Andrew Scorgie
Margie & John Scorgie
Orvella Scott
Oliver Family
Emily Sellergren
Lance Shuey
Yadira S.
Jennifer Simms
Melissa Sisco
The Slades
Chris Slusarek
Lesley Smith
Ronald Smith
The Sobiech Family
Solveson Family
Chad and Joey Spearman
The Speeds
The Spellmans
Bob and Terry Spellman
Stanzel Family
Mitch Stegall
Amelia Stimpson (Chumbley)
The Stroker's
Lynne Sullivan
Brian Sundberg Real Estate Group with Re/Max of Boulder
Lyssa S
The Sweeney Family
Harv Teitelbaum/Tree Climbing Colorado
Nina Temple
Gwen Tenney
Nancy and Brian Travis
Lopa van der Mersch
Andre Vargas
Corine Waldau
Kelly Walsh
The Walter Family
Rugged Research
Sarah A Wheatley
Dusty and Kelly Whittemore
Sarah Wiebenson
Dulcie Wilcox
Emerald Elementary School
Corrie & James Williams Family
Brittny and Gabriel Wilson
The Wood Family (P,J,A,R)
Caryn & Matt Woodward
The Young Family
Jacquelyn Zameck
Jessica Zeldner
The Ziegert Family
Ziemek Family

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