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At Cal-Wood, no two programs are ever the same. We strive to customize each program to fit the needs of the students, content goals of the teachers, and to fit in with each very different season up here in the mountains. We have over thirty unique offerings for teachers and program leaders to choose from to best fit their goals.

For groups looking for a wilderness adventure, options such as Archery, Survival Skills, Orienteering, and Long Hikes bring out the inner explorer in each student. These choices allow students to get out of their comfort zones in a wilderness setting.

Teambuilding and leadership, Ecology Art, Predator vs. Prey, Biomimicry, and night programs such as Egg Drop and the Beast all encourage students to work collaboratively, solve problems, and connect to nature with their peers. While each lesson taught in our 1,200 acre outdoor classroom involves teamwork and experiencing nature up close and personal, these lessons especially highlight skills like communication, analyzing information, and solving problems, within the context of our natural world.

For those looking to delve into the science, ecology, history, and service learning standards, we offer a host of different activities. From forestry and fire ecology to landforms and mountain building, Homestead and mine exploration to animal adaptations and pond study, and so much more. Each offering includes lessons, games, and activities that instructors will use to engage students in the content material, and some options for service projects. Depending on your program’s specific goals, students can collect and interpret data, present findings, learn about careers, engage in inquiry, participate in hands-on exploration, discuss complex ideas, all while having fun and connecting to the Colorado mountains.

Some schools decide to choose all their offerings in one category, while others prefer to have some of each. Our curriculum manager works with each school to ensure that each program is customized to best suit each student, teacher, and their overall program goals.


All Cal-Wood school programs include hiking, field observation, team building, nature awareness activities, conservation themes and plenty of teachable moments. In addition to these components, teachers select academic lessons for each trip. The number of activities included in each lesson block will vary, as some activities are more in-depth and time-intensive.


If you have any questions or need any more information, please contact us:

(303) 449-0603 ext. 1

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