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During each weekend program, family members are fully immersed in nature - camping, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, summiting peaks, and building connections with others and confidence with accomplishment of each new outdoor activity. From scholarships to gear, we strive to break down barriers for participation. We offer Family Camps that are in english, spanish or billingual. 

We offer ~20 weekend long family camps each year at Cal-Wood, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO State Parks, and local/regional parks.  


Durante cada programa de fin de semana, los miembros de la familia están completamente inmersos en la naturaleza: acampar, hacer caminatas, pescar, andar en bicicleta de montaña, escalar picos y construir conexiones con otros y confianza para realizar actividades al aire libre. Desde becas hasta equipos, nos esforzamos por derribar barreras para la participación. Ofrecemos Campamentos Familiares que son en inglés, español o bilingües.

Ofrecemos ~20 campamentos familiares de fin de semana de duración cada año en Cal-Wood, el Parque Nacional de las Montañas Rocosas, los parques estatales de CO y los parques locales/regionales.

Family Camps 2024 

Camp at RMNP 
(Rocky Mountain National Park) 

$25 per person 
Dates:June 15-16, June 29-30 


  • Level: Intermediate

  • Necessary equipment: Sleeping bag, sleeping mat, kitchen utensils and pans.

  • Language: Spanish and English

  • Food included: 3 meals are included with each ticket, lunch on the first day is the responsibility of each individual.

  • Entry to camp: 11:45 am (15 min tolerance)

  • Arrival location: Beaver meadows visitors center.


At this camp, families will experience a unique camp in Rocky Mountain National Park.

During this camp, families will explore the park guided by instructors on Saturday and learn how to set up a tent themselves. They will also be taught various applications which they can use to explore this and other parks on their own.


Families will have the opportunity to speak with the rangers and in some cases become Junior Rangers or watch a presentation by the rangers on a nature-related topic (this depends on the day and is subject to change).


Families cook their food individually so they learn to use camping stoves. Usually in teams of 2 or 3 families per stove.


We will end the day with a bonfire and some delicious s'mores.


On Sunday they will be taught how to make reservations for the national parks.


Camp will be packed up and you will be given more information about the park and its surroundings so your family can explore this wonderful place on their own.






Our highly qualified instructors are the heart of our program. With diverse backgrounds, they bring a unique blend of expertise and cultural richness to our educational offerings. All of our instructors are bilingual, ensuring that our families can learn in both English and Spanish, making our program accessible to a wider audience.

Each instructor has a personal connection to Latin America, either through their heritage or spending significant time in the region. This cultural immersion allows them to provide authentic insights and a deep understanding of the language, culture, and traditions.

Beyond their cultural backgrounds, our instructors are experts in running our dynamic and engaging educational programs. They have a passion for teaching and creating a positive environment.

In addition to their teaching skills, safety is a top priority. Our instructors are all certified in CPR and first aid, ensuring that you and your families  well-being is in capable hands. Their dedication to excellence, combined with their cultural expertise, creates an unparalleled learning experience that is both enriching and safe for your family.


Nuestros instructores altamente calificados son el corazón de nuestro programa. Con diversos orígenes y una profunda conexión con América Latina, aportan una combinación única de experiencia y riqueza cultural a nuestra oferta educativa. Todos nuestros instructores son bilingües, lo que garantiza que nuestras familias puedan aprender tanto en inglés como en español, haciendo que nuestro programa sea accesible a una audiencia más amplia.

Cada instructor tiene una conexión personal con América Latina, ya sea a través de su herencia o de pasar un tiempo significativo en la región. Esta inmersión cultural les permite brindar conocimientos auténticos y una comprensión profunda del idioma, la cultura y las tradiciones.

Más allá de sus orígenes culturales, nuestros instructores son expertos en ejecutar nuestros programas educativos dinámicos y atractivos. Les apasiona enseñar y crear un ambiente positivo.


Además de sus habilidades docentes, la seguridad es una prioridad absoluta. Todos nuestros instructores están certificados en RCP y primeros auxilios, lo que garantiza que su bienestar y el de su familia estén en buenas manos. Su dedicación a la excelencia, combinada con su experiencia cultural, crea una experiencia de aprendizaje incomparable que es a la vez enriquecedora y segura para su familia.

parques estatales de CO y los parques locales/regionales.




December, January, February


Diciembre, Enero, Febrero


June, July, August


Junio, Julio, Agosto


Cal-Wood tiene seguro médico contra accidentes en caso de que la familia no tenga su propio seguro médico.

Nota: No se permite el alcohol, las drogas ni fumar en ningún momento durante campamento.

​Reglas del Campamento​

  1. Durante el campamento, si alguien en la familia muestra síntomas de Covid-19, regrese a casa lo antes posible y notifique al personal de Cal-Wood.

  2. Los niños siempre deben estar acompañados por un adulto y bajo supervisión en todo momento.

  3. El alcohol y las drogas están prohibidos.

  4. Permanezca en los senderos y caminos alrededor del campamento para evitar pisar la vegetación.

  5. Si va a hacer una caminata o abandonar el sitio del campamento, por favor notifique al personal de Cal-Wood.

  6. No se permite conducir en la propiedad, excepto hasta el estacionamiento.

  7. Siempre mantenga el campamento limpio para evitar atraer a los animales.

  8. Mantenga silencio después de las 9:30 pm y hasta las 7:00 am como muestra de respeto hacia otras familias.

  9. Si ha tomado prestado el equipo, por favor devuélvalo al lugar asignado.

  10. Antes de irse, deje la cabaña lo más limpia posible.


Cal-Wood has accident health insurance in case the family does not have their

own health insurance.

Note: Alcohol, drugs, or smoking are not permitted at any time during camp.

1. During camp, if someone in the family shows symptoms of Covid-19, please return home as soon as possible and notify Cal-Wood staff.
2. Children must always be accompanied by an adult and
under supervision at all times.
3. Alcohol and drugs are prohibited.
4. Stay on the trails and paths around the camp to avoid stepping on the vegetation. 
5. If you are going to hike or leave the camp site, please notify Cal-Wood staff
6. No driving on the property, except to the parking lot.
7. Always keep the camp clean to avoid animals.
8. Keep quiet after 9:30 pm and until 7:00 am out of respect for
other families.
9. If you borrowed equipment, please return it to the assigned
10. Before leaving, please leave the cabin or campsite as clean as possible.


Even with demonstrated success and unmet demand (800% growth since 2014), Cal-Wood is still the only organization engaging Latino families through overnight camping at this level in Colorado. This is why we launched our expansion initiative. Through this effort, We seek to empower other organizations to implement Latino Family Camps in their communities. We plan to build partnerships, guide partners through the process and create the resources necessary to educate and inspire organizations statewide to engage a growing community of Latino explorers and nature lovers!

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