Pricing – Lodging – Camping


Basic Pricing for Facility Use:

$30-75 per person/24-hour period

  • Since all events are different the price ranges are informational ONLY.
  • Final price will depend on the size of your group, your arrival/departure times, and the setup required.

Other Available Options:

  • Food service
  • Kitchen rental
  • Beverage service and snacks
  • Linen service for cabin use
  • Campsite rentals
  • Meeting audio and visual equipment
  • Teambuilding and leadership training (with advance notice)

Facility Capacities:

Maximum Overnight Capacity in Cabins: 64 people

Maximum Overnight Campsite Capacity: 40 People. (we have 3 campsites – each has a different capacity depending on setup for event)

Maximum Facility Capacity: 200 people for an event without overnight stay.  This is mandated by fire department.

Minimum Fee: Based on 20 person event

Basic Information PDF’s:

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